Education and its Demographic distribution in Sierra Leone. An admonishment to Minister Bayuku Conteh on his comments

Illiteracy and Eduction have always had obscured interpretations in most parts of the developing world because of the beliefs and perceptions that have been attached to the meaning of education.

For this to be clearly understood ,it is necessary ,on that the onset there is clear perception of what both literacy and education mean.Also it is clear a clear scope of what both are is established.This ,of course brings into question a very important issue of the role,efficacy and relevance of a particular type education to any specific social gorup.

By and large education ,on its universal scope ,is present in every social group and comes in different context knowlege acqusition and skills development.

To address the issue of ducation and literacy in Sierra leone,Ill start by admonishing Mr Bakuyu Conteh that as a public figure he has to be very must be economical and technical relevant with his words.

Next he recognise that literacy and illiteracy are both owrds pertaining to ability to speak ,write and understand a language and not sign posts of what education is. So he must take cognisance of certain facts that there are parts of he developing world that use their lingua franca to teach and provide learning for their human resource.

first and foremost minister Bakuyu Conteh must take cognisance of the fact that education is taking place all the time in the life of every living human from conception and only ends,may be, at the point of death.I have said may be becuase we are not absolutely certain about what happens in the beyond or hereafter.

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